spring washer

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De DIN: DIN 127 (B)

Italy UNI: UNI 1751

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De DIN: DIN 127 (B)
Italy UNI: UNI 1751
Spring gaskets/washer in the screw industry, often called elastic pads. Its material has stainless steel and carbon steel, generally commonly used spring washer specifications and dimensions have M3,M4,M5,M6,M8,M10.M12, M14, M16. These specifications are more commonly used.
Spring gasket is used to prevent loosening, such as the motor and the seat connected bolt generally to add spring pad, because the motor vibration if there is no spring pad, the nut will be loose generally with vibration on the equipment on the fastener equipped with spring gasket

Other classifications:

Inner tooth elastic gasket, outer tooth elastic gasket: has a lot of sharp elastic warping teeth on the circumference, thorn pressure on the support surface, can prevent the loosening of the fasteners. The inner tooth elastic gasket is used under the screw head where the head is small in size; the outer tooth elastic gasket is mostly used under the bolt head and nut. The elastic gasket with teeth is smaller than the ordinary spring gasket, with uniform force and reliable force to prevent loosening, but it should not be used for regular disassembly.

Waveform spring washer: the waveform gasket is divided into WG type, WL type, WN type

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