Hot galvanized full thread hexagon head bolt DIN 931

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Hot galvanized full thread hexagon head bolt DIN 931

The outer hexagon bolt is divided into full-tooth and half-tooth. The full-tooth outer hexagon nut is a common full-thread bolt. The half-tooth outer hexagon bolt is different from the full-tooth bolt. The half-tooth bolt has a part of threads that are non-threaded smooth rods, so it is called the half-tooth outer hexagon bolt. These two types usually need to be used with nuts. The surface treatment uses hot galvanizing. The hot galvanizing process is favored by people because of its low plating cost, excellent protection characteristics and beautiful appearance.

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Hexagon head screw Hex cap screw and large hexagon bolt Hex bolt, as the name suggests, are designed to use a wrench for rotation. Hexagon bolts are the most widely used class of bolts. Its class A and class B bolts are used for important, high assembly accuracy requirements, and withstand large impact vibration or alternating loads. Class C bolts are used for rough surface and assembly accuracy is not high. The thread on the bolt, are generally ordinary thread, fine teeth ordinary thread bolt self-locking property is good, mainly used for thin wall parts or withstand impact, vibration or alternating load occasions. General bolts are made of partial thread, full thread bolts are mainly used for a short nominal length of bolts and longer thread requirements occasions.Hot galvanized is adopted for surface treatment. Hot galvanized is one of the most effective means to delay the environmental corrosion of iron and steel materials. It is to immerse the cleaned and activated steel products in molten zinc solution, and through the reaction and diffusion between iron and zinc, the zinc alloy coating with good adhesion is coated on the surface of iron and steel products. Compared with other metal protection methods, the hot galvanized process has incomparable advantages in the protection characteristics of the combination of physical barrier and electrochemical protection of the coating, the bonding strength of the coating and the substrate, the compactness, durability, maintainability and economy of the coating and its adaptability to the shape and size of the product. At present, hot galvanized products mainly include steel plate, steel strip, steel wire, steel pipe, etc., of which hot galvanized steel plate accounts for the largest proportion. For a long time, the hot galvanized process has been favored by people because of its low plating cost, excellent protection characteristics and beautiful appearance, and is widely used in automobile, construction, home appliances, chemical industry, machinery, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, transportation, electric power, aviation and marine engineering and other fields.

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