Half-threaded hexagon head bolt DIN 931

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Half-threaded hexagon head bolt DIN 931

Outside hexagonal bolt is divided into full tooth and half tooth, the full tooth outside hexagonal bolt is a common full thread bolt, half tooth outside hexagonal bolt and the whole tooth is different, half tooth bolt has a part of the screw is light rod without thread, so called half tooth outside hexagonal bolt. Both types generally need to be used in conjunction with the nuts.

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DIN931—— hexagonal head bolt (half tooth) ——GB5782

Because the half tooth screw has a section of light rod, and the light rod position relative to the thread part, with the preset hole more closely, the locking stability is high, and in the action of the shear force, the longer the object of the fastener is less likely to shift. If the object fastening effect requirements are more strict, can not have a little loose case, it is recommended to use half tooth screw. And the rod diameter strength of the half tooth screw is higher than the whole tooth screw, and the yield strength is also a little higher. If there is a requirement for the strength of the screw, it is recommended to choose the half tooth.


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