Full-threaded hexagon head bolt DIN 933

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The DIN933 is a German standard bolt, similar to the national standard number GB5783. The material is generally carbon steel, and the main grade is divided into 4.8,5.8,6.8,8.8,10.9,12.9 grades. Surface treatment: natural color, galvanized, black, nickel-plated.

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Equivalent standard:
National standard GB: GB / T 5783
International ISO: ISO 4017
American standard ANSI / ASME: ANSI / ASME B
European standard EN: EN 24017
Italy UNI: UNI 5739
NF, France: NF E 25-114
Seal IS: IS 1364 (-2)


Hexagon head screw Hex cap screw and large hexagon bolt Hex bolt, as the name suggests, are designed to use a wrench for rotation. Hexagon bolts are the most widely used class of bolts. Its class A and class B bolts are used for important, high assembly accuracy requirements, and withstand large impact vibration or alternating loads. Class C bolts are used for rough surface and assembly accuracy is not high. The thread on the bolt, are generally ordinary thread, fine teeth ordinary thread bolt self-locking property is good, mainly used for thin wall parts or withstand impact, vibration or alternating load occasions. General bolts are made of partial thread, full thread bolts are mainly used for a short nominal length of bolts and longer thread requirements occasions.

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